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805 East 13th Avenue
North Kansas City, MO, 64116
United States


A family brand located in Kansas City. Specializing in hand made goods!


Thanks for stopping by! Tucker & Scout is a family lifestyle brand operated by Dan & Melissa Padavic. We are a husband and wife duo who loves to make and we are located in Overland Park, Kansas. Dan's expertise lives in the design and print world, while Melissa is a talented seamstress and textile designer.  All of our products are created by hand right here in the KC metro and sourced from American Made materials.

Our story is full of trial and error, blood, sweat and beers, and a deep love for each other. We met in 2007 in the world famous Jerry's Bait Shack in downtown Lenexa KS! Our start was not as epic as any fairy tale, it actually took Dan quite a long time to even convince Melissa she should give him a chance!

In 2006, before Melissa and Dan met, Dan started Vahalla Studios, a design and print studio that made its mark in the gig-poster community. As our relationship and company grew, we began to work together. Melissa was the office manager for numerous years at the studio, while Dan designed and printed rock & roll posters for some of the most popular entertainers around.

After four years of dating and a one year engagement, we got married in September of 2011. You can find some pictures of our epic country/modern wedding here! Our wedding is the single event that stands out to us where we realized our full potential together. We made, printed and created EVERYTHING for our wedding. It was such an adventure for us to do it all on our own, and through the process we realized the potential our talents could produce. 

In 2013 our family grew from two to three with the birth of our son Tucker. He has changed our outlook on everything, and we couldn't imagine our lives without him. We were so inspired by the little dude that it crept into our creativity. We couldn't avoid it, it was so much fun to make little crowns or teething rings and cool t-shirts for him to sport. We welcomed this inspiration with open arms and let it change our creative outlet. In 2015 we began to do craft shows as Tucker & Scout, even-though Scout had not joined us yet. We really tried to test the waters before making the transition from selling kick-ass show posters to cute-as-hell family goods. To our pleasant surprise we received an overwhelmingly positive reaction to our wares. This response gave us the confidence to push the new direction even further and the leap of faith to name the brand after our children.

We are so blessed as 2016 has brought us our baby daughter Scout and the full launch of the brand. Our adventure together as a family continues. We hope you enjoy our story and the inspiration behind our line... family. It's all about love!!!